About Poppins Active Learning International School

Poppins Active Learning International School is an international, comprehensive pre-school and kindergarten learning institute. PALIS has been built upon the strong foundation of Poppins International Pre-School, PIPS, which has been operating at the same bright location in Ebisu, Tokyo since 1997.

Poppins Corporation, established in 1987 by Noriko Nakamura, has earned a respected reputation in Japan for outstanding Nanny Training Programmes and Nursery School. After 28 years, we continue to engage children in Active Learning carefully planned to nurture lifelong skills and abilities in an educational environment that is save, positive, and intellectually stimulating. The educational experience offered at PALIS is a synthesis of high quality education and childcare, we termed as “Edu-care”. Our Edu-care concept is clearly showcased in PALIS, where our international teams of teachers nurture and facilitate educating children to their full potential by applying cutting edge educational theory into the day-to-day learning environment.