PALIS Spring Programme announcement!

PALIS is having Spring programme from March 1st!
Please come visit us for the exciting programme!

●1st March ~ 19th March , 1st April ~ 5th April
★Be Our Guest ★ programme
You can enjoy PALIS specialist programme such as Yoga, Art, Music and Dance!
Please come and join us!

●19th March ~ 27th March 2019
★Special Spring Programme!

This year’s themes are:

Age 3 : Spring Has Sprung!
We are having lots of fun making some spring activities such Spring Diorama or Easter Egg Hunt!
Let’s cook Biscuits and enjoy roll-play shopping!
During after school time(15:00-17:00), we have specialistist programmes such as Dance and Life saving!

Age 4-6 : Scientific discovery
We will invite professional teachers and learn to programme Bee-Bot(to robot) and build stable structures with Straw bees!
During after school time(15:00-17:00), we have fun-packed spring activities such as Pressed flowers!

Ages: 3 ~ 6 years old
Time: 8:30~15:00 (Extended childcare is available)
Fee: 15,000 yen per day

Please see the link below for further information.
Winter programme (Age 3)


Winter programme (Age 4-6)


Place: Poppins Active Learning International School
Yebisu Garden Terrace Nibankan 1st & 2nd FL
4-20-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station: Ebisu
Contact: Tel: 03-5791-2105 / Fax : 03-5791-2106