PALIS ANNEX Winter Programme announcement!(5 – 9 yrs old)

We are excited to announce that PALIS ANNEX which we just opened in September is having Winter programme from December 2nd!
Please come visit us for the exciting programme!

●2rd Dec ~ 17th Dec , 6th Jan 2019 ~ 10th Jan
★Be Our Guest ★ programme
You can enjoy PALIS specialist programme such as Karate, Art, Math&Science and Dance!
Please come and join us!

●18th Dec ~ 27th Dec 2019
★Special Winter Programme!
We have various kids of activities such as Robotics(coding), KAPLA art, Christmas cooking and pottery and more!
Please join us for the fun packed winter programme!

Ages: 5 ~ 9 years old
Time: 9:00~15:00 (Extended childcare is available)
Fee: 16,500 yen per day (tax included)

Please see the link below for further information.


Place: Poppins Active Learning International School
Yebisu Garden Terrace Nibankan 1st & 2nd FL
4-20-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station: Ebisu
Contact: Tel: 03-5791-2105 / Fax : 03-5791-2106