After-School Programmes

After School Programmes are offered every day for both PALIS students and students from other schools. Snack time starts at 3:00 pm, for 30 minutes, with one-hour after school programmes every day from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Clean-up and wind-down time runs until 5:00 pm.

Our programmes are English Literacy, Art, Maths & Science, Ballet and Kids Yoga. All programmes are in English. By incorporating a maximum number of activities, our programmes stimulate children’s body and mind to become better acquainted in English. All programmes have specialised instructors and native English speakers.

Art This programme builds self-esteem by building artistic ability through activities that focus on discovery and engaging the five senses.
This programme features experiments with materials and seasonal crafts. Children can develop a foundation for reasoning and scientific interest while having fun.
Kids Yoga This programme combines yoga with alphabet sounds (phonics). Children can remember English sounds and body rhythms using full-body yoga to deepen concentration, balance, and coordination.
Language Children learn vocabulary, rhymes and recognise English sounds (phonemic awareness) in conjunction with games, crafts, and songs.


The programmes share a common monthly theme to build better understanding using multiple perspectives in Physical Development, Language, Art, and Maths & Science.

April All About Me, Body Parts, Family
May Feelings, Friends, Animals, Elements of Nature
June Expressing Feelings

Time Schedule

14:00-15:00 Extended Childcare
15:00-15:30 Snack Time
15:30-16:30 Activity
16:30-17:00 Communication Time (storytelling, songs, games, etc.)
17:00-20:00 Extended Childcare
  • Communication Time relates to the activities of the day using picture books, songs, games, etc. Children can have fun communicating in English without losing interest.
  • Extended childcare is available up to 20:00. (15 min ¥400 (without tax))

Programme Overview

Target Age 3 years and older
Time 15〜17: (includes a snack)
Programme Monday Language
Tuesday Art or Ballet
Wednesday Music
Thursday Math Science or Advanced Ballet
Friday Kid’s Yoga or Advanced Art
Tuition (month) 2 days a week ¥36,000 (¥38,880 incl. tax)
3 days a week ¥53,000 (¥57,240 incl. tax)
4 days a week ¥67,000 (¥72,360 incl. tax)
5 days a week ¥80,000 (¥86,400 incl. tax)
How to
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