Poppins Curriculum

Poppins Active Learning School utilises a British curriculum based on the British Early Learning Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Poppins original educational approach. Adapting Japanese Standards to incorporate child brain science and social development, creating individual educare.

The EYFS is a comprehensive framework that sets the standards for learning, development, and care for children ages six years and below. The EYFS framework supports the following seven areas of learning:

Prime Areas

Communication and language(自分の考えを言葉で表現するスキルと自信を育む), Physical development(運動能力の発達を促進し、健康と食べ物の関係について理解する), Personal, social and emotional development(自分の考えも他人の考えも共に尊重し、社会の中での適切な立ち振る舞いを学ぶ)/Literacy(文字と読み書きの基礎を習得する),Mathematics(数、計算、形・空間・計測の基礎を習得する), Understanding the world(世の中の物事に興味を持ち観察する), Expressive arts and design(身の回りの素材を使って自分の考えを表現する

Our active learning programmes (Physical Development, Lifesaving, Language, Maths, Science, Art, and Music) are aligned to the EYFS and taught by specialists in each field. In addition, we also have daily Self-Discovery Time that includes off-campus activities and projects. We offer a good balance of programmes every week and also guide children to explore outside every day.

In our programmes, children learn proactively through play.