Active Learning Programmes

写真:赤ちゃんに微笑みかける男性Our programmes enable children to play freely to foster their curiosity and inquiring minds to make learning connections. We support activities based on themes and cherish children’s questions to promote learning.

Specialist Programme

Karate(Martial Arts)

One of kids’ favorite class! We aim to build healthy body through learning some basic forms and movements of Karate.


Professional art teachers prepares variety of materials for kids to enhance creativity.


Ballet teaches children the fundamentals of dance. It also teaches them technique and discipline. They also get the chance to wear leotards and tights.


Gym teaches the children flexibility, mobility and strength, in a fun and safe environment. It also challenges them with new movements and skills!


Practicing Yoga poses help kids enhance their flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Through meditation, yoga also develops focus and concentration. Kids love the sound of Tibetan singing bowl!