Active Learning Programmes

写真:赤ちゃんに微笑みかける男性Our programmes enable children to play freely to foster their curiosity and inquiring minds to make learning connections. We support activities based on themes and cherish children’s questions to promote learning.

Visualisation of the Learning Process

写真:人種・年齢の異なる女の子二人が笑っているThis learning process was documented under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin Mardel, a member of Harvard University’s Infant Education Research Team (now a Lesley University Professor).
In order to gain diverse perspectives of Educare ※1, the team shared their research with parents, teachers and even children themselves. The documentation was called the “Reggio Approach” and featured in Newsweek Magazine in 1991. It became widespread in Europe as an innovative infant and early childhood educational approach.

Growth Mind Set

写真:教室To help children, our teachers practice “Growth Mindset” ※2, a term advocated by Stanford University psychology professor Carol S. Dweck. Rather than focus on results and ability, we recognise the process of learning itself through praise and encouragement to motivate children even when they become discouraged.

※1 Educare=education + care

※2 The idea that by making an effort people can expand their special characteristics. On the contrary, a “Fixed Mindset” is when a person hides failures and inadequacies.