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ANNEX Spring Programme Annoucement

Accepting outside students for Spring Programme (Ages 5 to 9)
In order to support working parents, we are accepting children from other schools that are closed due to coronavirus. Our staff and students are taking extra care washing hands and keeping the school clean to provide a safe environment. So please consider joining our Spring Programme beginning next week!
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PALIS English

PALIS ANNEX Spring Programme announcement!(5 – 9 yrs old)

We are excited to announce that PALIS ANNEX which we just opened in September is having Spring programme from March 1st!
Please come visit us for the exciting programme!

●1st March ~ 19th March, 6th April ~ 10th April
★Be Our Guest ★ programme
You can enjoy PALIS specialist programme such as Karate, Art, Math&Science and Dance!
Please come and join us!
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PALIS English

PALIS ANNEX 9月のカリキュラム及び料金

いよいよ恵比寿三越内に、PALIS ANNEX(学童)が9月よりオープン致します。

15:00~18:00 3時間の学童保育 (延長保育あり)
Englishレッスン、コミュニケーションタイム、スペシャリストプログラム 各1時間



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