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PALIS ANNEX Summer Programme announcement (5 – 8 years old)

PALIS ANNEX is having a Summer Programme from July 1st. Please come visit us for the exciting programme!

★Be Our Guest★ 1st – 22nd July (3 days minimum) You can enjoy PALIS specialist programme such as Dance, Gymnastics, Math/Science and Yoga. Please come and join us!

★Summer Programme★ 27th July – 28th August (1 day minimum) Let’s experience a lot of activities this summer such as Science-sweets, Karate, Boxercise, Programming, Art and more!

Please see the leaflet below for further information.

ANNEX English

ANNEX Spring Programme Annoucement

Accepting outside students for Spring Programme (Ages 5 to 9)
In order to support working parents, we are accepting children from other schools that are closed due to coronavirus. Our staff and students are taking extra care washing hands and keeping the school clean to provide a safe environment. So please consider joining our Spring Programme beginning next week!
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